2014 and Earlier – The Faces of Oakland Lacrosse: High School

last updated 11/2014

Jessica, Oakland Tech Girls


3/10/2013 Oakland Tech



Adrian, Oakland Tech Boys

2013_3_13_Oaktech_Boys_875_900w3/3/2013 Oakland Tech vs the Rams




Cecilia, Oakland Tech Girls

2013_3_10_Tech_girls_900w3/10/2013  Oakland Tech vs Skyline




Martin, Skyline Boys

2013_4_13_Skyline_boys_628_900w4/13/2013  Skyline High vs Oakland Tech




Arianna, Oakland Tech Girls

2013_3_10_Tech_Girls_16_2000w 3/10/2013  Oakland Tech vs Skyline



Monica, Game Face On, Oakland Tech Girls

2013_3_10_Tech_girls_Face2_900w3/10/2013  Oakland Tech vs Skyline




Matt and His Brother, Oakland Tech Boys

2012_4_15_Tech_boys_338_900w4/15/2012  Oakland Tech vs Woodcreek




Lauren, Oakland Tech Girls

2013_3_13_Tech_girls_483_900w3/10/2013  Oakland Tech vs Skyline


 Jacob and David, Skyline Boys

2013_4_13_Skyline_boys_184_900w4/13/2013  Skyline vs Oakland Tech




Kinshasa, Oakland Tech Boys

2012_3_31_Tech_boys_596_900w3/31/2012  Kinshasa under the tent with Coach Moore on the right, Oakland Tech vs the Rams




Post Game Line-up, Oakland Tech and Skyline Girls

2013_3_10_Tech_girls_lineup_900w3/10/2013  left to right: Kindness, Iris and Jessica, Oakland Tech exchanging high fives with Skyline




Post Game Smiles, Oakland Tech Boys

2011_3_12_Tech_boys_359_900w3/12/2011  Campbell on the far left, Oakland Tech vs Alhambra Bulldogs




Troy’s First Goal, Oakland Tech Boys

2012_4_27_Tech_boys_985_900w4/27/2012  Troy (far right), congratulated by his teammates, Oakland Tech vs San Francisco Riptide