About: the volunteer photographer

top photo: Dave and Makoto photo credit: Grant Nakamura bottom photo: Tenaya

top photo: 4/27/2/2013 Dave and Makoto, photo credit: Grant Nakamura


bottom photo:  3/4/2008 Tenaya



last updated 11/2014

Greetings –

My name is David Izu.  I was an Oakland lacrosse dad for 7 years, driving first my daughter, then my son to lacrosse games (and In-N-Out Burgers) all over the Bay Area and beyond. It was a good experience for both kids. I got a telephoto lens and started taking photos. It was a good experience for me.

I prepared for this phase of life by being an academic migrant worker for decades. I used to teach art classes at Stanford, UC Berkeley, the San Francisco Art Institute, the California College of the Arts, San Francisco State, and UC Santa Cruz. Sometimes at different schools on the same day.  My worst commute was from Oakland to a morning class in Santa Cruz to an afternoon class in Palo Alto and then back home to Oakland.

The Oakland Lacrosse Club, established in 2009, has made it a goal to open up lacrosse for any kid in Oakland. I have decided to keep shooting games even though my own kids have outgrown the program and no longer play lacrosse here. I want all the kids in the program to feel that they are important enough for a volunteer stranger (me) to take the time to photograph them and help to provide them and their families with a positive self image.