About: Oakland

last updated 11/2014
 5/3/2014  Issac, Correll, and Alejandro, Under 13 Boys, Head-Royce Field

Oakland is a place of contradiction.

It is inner city tough and downright scary to some of the out of town parents whose kids play against the Oakland teams. To some residents, it is über hipster sophisticated, rapidly gentrifying with all of the pluses and minuses that brings. Young tech employees are joining artists and musicians who have already settled here after fleeing skyrocketing rents in San Francisco, creating a critical mass of young, creative and tech sophisticated people. The public school system has high schools with appalling graduation rates, yet a few years ago the engineering program at Oakland Tech High placed three students out of its class of 50 into MIT, the Holy Grail worldwide for aspiring engineers.

The New York Times named Oakland as 5th on its list of top 45 places in the world to visit in 2012. A year later, parents at an away game for the Oakland Tech Boys team were yelling at the Oakland kids to “Go back to the ghetto”. Maybe they were misunderstood due to the din of their clanging cowbells, actually shouting “Good from the get go!”.   Oakland may be a mixed bag but it has gotten a bad rap.