About: the Oakland Lacrosse Club

last updated 11/2014
5/10/2014  players from the Oakland U15 Boys team leave the field, Luis pictured in the middle.


Oakland Lacrosse is changing the face of lacrosse.

Lacrosse is known as an elite East Coast sport. Traveling teams in the past, even here in the Bay Area have been overwhelmingly made up of kids from expensive private schools. But that’s due for a change. The Under 13 and Under 15 teams sponsored by the Oakland Lacrosse Club literally look different from lacrosse teams of the past.

The Oakland Lacrosse Club is relatively new, formed at the end of the 2012 season. It has its roots in the Skyline Lacrosse Club, which sponsored lacrosse teams at two Oakland public schools for the first time. Matthew Clark re-established a program at Skyline High in 2007 and Nora Mitchell began boys and girls programs at Oakland Tech in 2010. In the 2013 season, these teams became the core of the new Oakland Lacrosse Club. With the arrival of current Youth Program Director Kevin Kelley , the new club went into overdrive, adding U13 and U15 teams and a youth program which includes clinics, mentoring, nutrition and academic enrichment programs. An article on the Lacrosse Allstars site,  http://laxallstars.com/meet-kevin-kelley-california-game-grower/ can provide more details.

Visit the Club’s Facebook site (www.facebook.com/pages/Oakland-Lacrosse-Club) to find out more. Visit the Club’s official site (oaklandlacrosse.org) for game locations, scheduling and registration. I hope that this site, oaklandlacrossephotos.com,  will serve as an adjunct to the official club site and to its Facebook site. It won’t provide hard information (schedules, scores or rosters), just photos, but there is a lot more to Oakland than hard edges…